Gentype DNA Controls

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ratiogen AG provides platform-independent Genotype
Controls for Internal and External Quality Assurance

Currently available for
HFE * MTHFR * Antitrypsin * Lactase
Factor V Leiden * Factor II (Prothrombin)
Factor XIII * PAI-1 * HLA B27 * CFTR * TNF

Reagents for Lightcycler Mutation Detection

Prices and Order Forms (PDF)

ratiogen AG provides validated ready-to-use reagents for Real-time fluorescent PCR with the Roche LightCycler™ system. ToolSets include primers, fluorescent probes and DNA standards.

For life science research purposes only.

Available ToolSets:

ratiogen AG Cat.# Category / Description Capillary
LC 1.2
LC 1.5
LC 2.0
LC 480
LC 480 II
LC Nano
Iron and Copper Metabolism
HFE 282 HFE C282Y* Pack Insert Pack Insert
HFE 63+65 HFE H63D + S65C * Pack Insert Pack Insert
PCSK7 PCSK7 rs236918 G/C Pack Insert
ATP7B 1069 ATP7B H1069Q * Pack Insert
Coagulation and Vascular System
F VL NEW Factor V Leiden (G1691A)** Pack Insert
F II 20210 NEW Factor II 20210A** Pack Insert
MTHFR 677 MTHFR C677T * Pack Insert Pack Insert
MTHFR 1298 MTHFR A1298C * Pack Insert Pack Insert
F XIII 34 Factor XIII Val34Leu* Pack Insert
PAI - I 4G5G PAI 4G/5G * Pack Insert Pack Insert
PGPIA 807 Platelet GP Ia C807T * Pack Insert
PGPIIIA 393 Platelet GP IIIa T393C (HPA-1) * Pack Insert
Carbohydrate Metabolism
LCT - 13910 Lactase T-13910C (Hereditary Lactose Intolerance) * Pack Insert Pack Insert
ALDOB 149 Aldolase B A149P (Hereditary Fructose Intolerance) * Pack Insert
ALDOB 174 Aldolase B A174D (Hereditary Fructose Intolerance) * Pack Insert
ALDOB 334 Aldolase B N334K (Hereditary Fructose Intolerance) * Pack Insert
Antitrypsin Deficiency
α1AT PI-S α1 - Antitrypsin PI-S ** Pack Insert
α1AT PI-Z α1 - Antitrypsin PI-Z ** Pack Insert
HLA B27 HLA B27 SYBR Green *** Pack Insert Pack Insert
HLA B*51 NEW HLA B*51 SYBR Green *** Morbus Beçet Pack Insert
HLA B5701 HLA B 5701 SYBR Green *** Pack Insert
FCGR3A 158 Fc γ Receptor 3A V158F SYBR Green *** Pack Insert
IFNG 874 Interferon γ A874T SYBR Green *** Pack Insert
COL1A1 SP1 COL1A1 SP1 G/T * Pack Insert
VDR Bsm Vitamin D Receptor BsmI B/b polymorphism * Pack Insert
Drug Metabolism & Action
IL28B - 16 IL28B rs12979860 Hepatitis C virus clearence ** Pack Insert
DPD e14 Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase IVS14+1 G/A exon 14 skipping mutation Pack Insert
UGT1A6 181 UGT1A6 T181A (A541G) * Pack Insert
GHR fl-d3 GH Receptor full length / del exon 3 * Pack Insert
CYP2C9 430 CYP2C9 *2 Allele * Pack Insert
CYP2C9 1075 CYP2C9 *3 Allele * Pack Insert
CYP2C19 681 CYP2C19 *2 Allele * Pack Insert
CYP2C19 636 CYP2C19 *3 Allele * Pack Insert
VKORC1 -1639 VKORC1 G-1639A * Pack Insert
VKORC1 1173 VKORC1 C1173T * Pack Insert
Infection and Immunity
NOD2 702 NOD2 (CARD15) R702W * Pack Insert
NOD2 908 NOD2 (CARD15) G908R * Pack Insert
NOD2 1007 NOD2 (CARD15) 1007fs insC * Pack Insert
Lipid Metabolism
ApoE Apolipoprotein E (E2/E3/E4) * Pack Insert Pack Insert
ApoB NEW Apolipoprotein B 100 R3500Q * Pack Insert
FLG 2282del4 Filaggrin 2282 del4 Pack Insert
FLG R501X Filaggrin R501X Pack Insert
HLA C*0602 NEW HLA C*0602 (Cw06) SYBR Green *** Pack Insert
Celiac Disease (Zöliakie)
HLA DQA*05 HLA Allele predisposing for Celiac Disease Pack Insert
HLA DQB*02 HLA Allele predisposing for Celiac Disease Pack Insert
HLA DQB*03:02 HLA Allele predisposing for Celiac Disease Pack Insert
Adverse Drug Effects
HLA A*3101 HLA A*3101 SYBR Green *** (Carbamazepine) Pack Insert
HLA B*5701 HLA B*5701 SYBR Green *** (Abacavir) Pack Insert
* Use with LightCycler DNA Master HybProbe (Roche Cat.No. 12015102001)
** Use with LightCycler FastStart DNA Master HybProbe (Roche Cat.No. 03003248001)
*** Use with LightCycler FastStartDNA Master Sybr Green I (Roche Cat.No. 03003230001)
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